Live-Action Homestuck Porno Redux
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Dave/John, Kanaya/Rose in the lead. No clear lead for straight pairings.

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What would you do if Andrew Hussie himself asked to star in this as Himself?

Make him put those lips to good use.

Why are there so many anons in the tally called "hidden" followed by a number?

Those are people who requested that their names not be shown on the tally.

Octopimp as everyone. Make it happen.


if we vote for something, but don't wish ourname to be shown, will you comply?

Yes. Just say so in the ask, and you’ll be one of the “hiddens”.

Vriska anal (first time)

Are you saying you want it to be her first anal, or this is the first time you’ve voted since you’re anon? Now’s a good time to reiterate that anon votes don’t stack with any other votes.

How's the script/actor search coming along?

We can’t start either one until we know which pairings we’ll be using. #questions

Will Aradia be alive or a ghost? As a compromise, perhaps Equius fucks Aradia in such a STRONG manner that she dies and becomes a ghost.

Probably alive. Ghost actors are hard to find.

It is really unfair for people to be saying you're an ass for doing this even though the MSPA staff are against it. Do they think JK Rowling was on board with the idea of Harry Twater?

Lol. #harry twater

...I hope you realize that the female eridan/shrek thing was most likely a joke,since there's a huge meme on that. :|

People still voted for it.